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Brown County.

Lake Waynoka is split between Franklin and Jackson Township.

If you have a real-estate agent they can arrange for access through the front gate. If you don’t yet have an agent you can contact the front office to arrange access through the front gate. Remember, the back gate is for members only with a RFID decal.

No we do not. We recommend using an agent or check on real-estate websites.

Single family homes, with a minimum of 1050 sq/ft on the ground floor. Mobile homes are not permitted but certain manufactured homes are. For a complete list of building requirements, see Rules and Regulations Vol II Zoning/Building Requirements. Copies are also available at the administration office.

New members pay an initiation fee the calendar year they purchase the property. Annual dues and fees will be billed the next January and will be due March 1st. Dues and fees are nontransferable, nonrefundable or prorated.

No. All facilities are for the enjoyment of our members and their guest/s.

Yes, but you should contact the restaurant and have them leave you a pass at the front gate.

If the red light on the electric box is on, it means your pump is not working properly. Please call Security(937-446-3214), and they will notify the on-call WRWSD employee, who will be dispatched to fix your grinder pump issue.


There are two reasons for the double gate. First, is to stop people who don’t have passes from piggy backing in behind our members. Second, is to keep unauthorized boats and campers from entering the lake without being checked by security.


No. All water craft must be in the name of a property owner in good standing to be used in our lake.

No and there are no exceptions.

While Lake Waynoka doesn’t have a restriction on the size of a boat, there is a practical limit to what size boat can be operated on our lake.

All watercraft with ANY type of motor, require a WPOA boat decal.



Camping is only permitted in the campground.

You can store your boat on your lot, but campers are not permitted on empty lots. Homeowners may store a camper at their house.


A traditional vehicle decal can be provided to members in good standing for entrance through the guest lane at the front gate only if they do not wish to buy a RFID decal.

The RFID decal provides automatic gate entrance to the lake at both the front and back gates for members in good standing who wish to buy it.

Those are automated electronic gates that are triggered to open by the RFID decal. All others must be verified in person at the front guest entrance.

No. Our back gate exit gate will allow any vehicle to leave.

That can be done in person with cash only, at the front security gate. It can also be done in person or over the phone with cash or credit card, at the administration office.