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Administration Office


Administration Office
Office Entrance
Administration Office Drive-thru Window & Night Drop Box
Drive-thru w/ night drop box for member convenience

Office for Waynoka Property Owners Association and Waynoka Regional Water & Sewer Disctrict. Staff handles inquiries regarding billing, regulations, property management and lots for sale by WPOA. Located by our front gate. Many members of our community travel south for the winter season. If you do, please forward the WPOA Notice to Snow Birds to the office before you depart.


The Beach
Beach House
Beach House (Restrooms + Rinsing Station for when you get out of the water)

Come walk in sand and relax in the shade under an umbrella. With a separated swimming area, our beach allows you to unwind right in the heart of Brown County. Also has facilities and a play area for children.

The beach closes at sunset.



Campground Building View 1
Campground Office
(Walk up window on front right side of building)
Campground Playground
Campground Playground
Inside the Campground View
Plenty of Pads, Plenty of Space

Our campground boasts a total of 261 pads, including 88 full hookup sites (electric, water and sewer), 173 sites with electric & water fillup service. We have a large shower house located in the center of our grounds, with 4 satellite bathrooms conveniently located throughout the facilities.

Our playground consists of half-court basketball, swings, teeter-toter, gym and slide, sandbox and space for football, baseball, volleyball and more. Included in the campground is a Shelter with electric hookup which is publicly available for parties, cookouts, reunions and more by reserving the space with the campground office.

Check our for monthly entertainment, updates, and/or changes.

The Campground is not open to the public. Camping fees are due, in advance, the first of each month or can be paid annually.

Camping Season - April 1st to November 1st
Winter Storage - November 1st to April 1st


Church Building

The Chapel is located on Yuma Drive (intersection with Mule Drive) and holds services every Sunday at 10:00 am. This is a non-denominational church. All are welcome!

Minister: Ron Stephens

Sunday Church Service: 10:00 am

Wednesday Evening Service: 7:00 pm

Health & Rec Center / Pools


Health & Recreation Center
Health & Recreation Center
Rec Center Game Room
Game Room
Rec Center Game Room View 2
Game Room
Rec Center Game Room View 3
Game Room
Rec Center Fitness Room
Fitness Room
Rec Center Fitness Room View 2
Fitness Room
Rec Center Indoor Pool & Jacuzzi
Indoor Pool & Jacuzzi
Parking Lot behind the Rec Center
Parking lot behind the Rec Center for basketball, baseball, tennis, pickleball, pavilion, and playground access
Behind the Rec Center View
Plenty to choose from whether outside or inside the Rec Center
Rec Center Gymnasium
Rec Center Outdoor Pavilion
Rec Center Pavilion
Rec Center Pickleball/Tennis Courts
Pickleball / Tennis Courts

Lake Waynoka's Health & Recreation facility is the most recent addition to our evolving community. The Health and Recreation Center is a state of the art facility offering fun and fitness to the entire family. The amenities offered include a game room filled with video games, billiards, and shuffleboard. The fitness room is fully equipped with top-of-the-line quality treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bike, nautilus circuit, as well as an area designated only to free weights.

The indoor aerobic pool is coupled with a full luxury-size Jacuzzi. The locker rooms have been constructed with only the finest of materials and have showers, a dressing area and lockers available. The facility also boasts a complete full size gymnasium equipped not only for basketball, but also, shuffleboard, volleyball, and indoor tennis.Located adjacent to our three outdoor pools, the Health and Recreation Center has helped to make our community a year around experience.

Indoor pool and jacuzzi opens at 3 pm, Monday - Friday; 11 am on Saturday and Sunday.
Outdoor pools open at 12 pm(noon), Monday - Thursday; 11 am Friday - Sunday.

The Shelter can be rented out for $10/hr, and the gym for $75/hr. Any class/event(excluding open gym) cost $5 for guests. Please call for details.

Check our for monthly entertainment, updates, and/or changes.

Admission into the facility for member guests costs $7. Ages 2 and under get in for free.
Members get their member card scanned to gain access into the facility.


Lodge Building
Lodge Building
Main Area in the Lodge
Main Area in the Lodge
Lodge Conference Room
Conference Room
Lodge WiFi Reading Room
WiFi Reading Room

Adjacent to the Lounge and Rec Center, the Lodge houses the restaurant, while also accomodating meetings, events, club activities, and the occasional reading of a good book by the fireplace.

Security gate attendants unlock the building every day at 7 am.

If you are interested in renting out the lodge for a party/event/meeting ($100 deposit; $50 per hour), please call the administration office, or email



Waynoka Lounge Building
Welcome to the Waynoka Lounge
Main Bar View 1
Main Bar Area
Main Bar View 2
Have a seat and order a drink! No peer pressure though, we do serve Coca-Cola products
Main Bar View 3
Billiards Tables Area
Billiards Tournament Anyone? Ask bartender for more details
Lounge Dance Area View 1
Dance Area
Lounge Dance Area View 2
Dance Area
Lounge Outdoor Patio & Horseshoe/Cornhole Area
Horseshoe and Cornhole Tournaments go on during the summer months outside by the patio area

Adjacent to the Rec Center and Lodge, the Lounge opens in the evening and caters to those who wish to enjoy a few drinks and the company of other patrons.Come try our new wine selection and daily drink specials.

Check our for monthly entertainment, updates, and/or changes.

Must be 21 or older to enter.

Lake Waynoka Police Department


Lake Waynoka Police Department Logo

LWPD's mission is to provide a safe and secure environment and enhance the quality of life for the residents and guests of Lake Waynoka.

If you would like to file a commendation or complaint on an employee/department, please view the Citizen Complaint and Commendation Procedures document.



Maintenance Building

The Maintenance Department provides a wide variety of services for the lake, including dredging of the lake, limited brush pickups, dirt deliveries, and the maintenance of all facilities, roads, mowing, etc. In 2010 a new maintenance building was constructed to house the department and to provide in-door storage for equipment, which includes a grader, back-hoe, snow plows, and mowing tractors.

For brush pickups and dirt deliveries, please call the administration office.



The Marina

A privately run business

Centrally located on the lake at 14 Beach Cove, the marina provides maintenance and repair services for boats, and operates a general store and a marine gas dock. For service, fuel, or questions, call Mike at 937-725-8116. Indoor/outdoor boat storage and shrink wrap available.


Angela's Curbside by the Lake


Restaurant Dine-In Area View 1
Welcome to Angela's Curbside by the Lake Restaurant
Restaurant Dine-In Area View 2
The only thing that beats the restaurants ambience is the food
Restaurant Dine-In Area View 3
Grab a seat and enjoy a proper cooked meal (Also do carry-out)

A privately run business.

Located in our lodge, the restaurant serves residents and guests a wide variety of dishes and specials. During the summer months, the kitchen window accomodates pool side members and kids with a quick bite to eat.

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Restaurant Menu

Lodge Restaurant - Angela's Curbside Menu Page 1 Lodge Restaurant - Angela's Curbside Menu Page 2



Security Building

Located at our front gate, the security building is open 24/7, and handles access into the lake. It houses both law enforcement and security gate attendants, whose function is to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and guests of the lake.

To arrange for security checks of your house while you are away from the lake, complete the Security House Check Request Form and take it, with your payment, to the Administration Office.




The hub for our water and sewer operation, the WRWSD Plant supplies the lake with water and sewer services. Recent additions to the plant include a back-up diesel generator and a granulated activated carbon filter. Recent additions to the system include a 6" water connection to the Brown County Rural Water Association for emergency back-up water supply, and electronic digital water meters.


If you are intersted in renting a boat dock, please read the Boat Dock Rental Policy.

Boat Dock Annual Rental Fee: $250/year; Boat Dock Reservation Fee: $50


Geronimo Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use


Kayak & Canoe Launch

This extended dock location allows for grabbing a quick meal on the grill.


Hiawatha Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use

A private, secluded dock area, that allows for quiet relaxation and is a favorite to get in a quick fish.

Kiddie Corral

Kiddie Coral Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use


Rentable Pavilions


A favorite for the young at heart, Kiddie Corral offers 4 pavilions and tranquility the whole family can enjoy. Like Little Turtle, this location is ideal for large group gatherings.

Little Chief

Little Chief Dock

Dock Features


Rentable Dock

Located across the lake from the marina, Little Chief has 16 reserved dock spots and tables under the shaded trees for an exceptional soothing benefit.

Little Crow

Little Crow Dock

Dock Features


Kayak & Canoe Launch

Rentable Dock

These newly built docks are rented out on a yearly basis with 20 reserved dock spots. A favorite fishing spot for property owners.

Little Turtle

Little Turtle Recreation Area

Dock Features

Free To Use


Rentable Pavilion



A popular choice for family picnics and group gatherings, this location is conveniently located near our front gate. The shelter accommodates large groups.


Pontiac Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use


These newly built docks are available for public use. The docks are lighted for safety and convenience.


Quachita Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use


Rentable Dock

Containing a wrap around dock, this location offers 10 reserved dock spots, 10 free to use spots, and is off the main path of boating, which allows for tranquil enjoyment.

Red Cloud

Red Cloud Dock

Dock Features


Rentable Dock


These newly built docks are rented out on a yearly basis with 32 reserved dock spots. The docks are lighted for safety and convenience.

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley Dock

Dock Features

Free To Use


Nestled in a cove, this dock location allows for rest from a long, hard day of enjoying the scenery.


Tomahawk Dock

Dock Features


Rentable Dock

With 14 reserved dock spots, this location allows for boaters to pull off from a day of fishing or relaxing and rest with the land lovers. A grill allows for a quick meal.