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Golf League

The purpose of the league is to manage and produce a golf competition for the enjoyment of the members.


All members or employees of the Lake Waynoka Property Owners Association (WPOA), or renters who reside at Lake Waynoka, and who are at least 18 years of age, and who join and pay dues to the league, shall be considered members with full voting rights. Players, who terminate their affiliation with Lake Waynoka after the start of the season, may continue to play for the remainder of the season. Effective 04-10-2012 a Grandfather Rule was passed that allows a current member who is no longer affiliated with Lake Waynoka to continue membership in the league in the following years as long as their membership in the league is not interrupted. Once interrupted/stopped/terminated they must reestablish an affiliation with the Lake Waynoka community before they can again play in the league.

The spring meeting is held on the second Tuesday in April. At this meeting any proposed changes to the Golf League Rules will be discussed and voted on. League play starts the first Tuesday in May.

This is a handicap league and if you are interest in joining, please contact Gary Smiley (Chairperson) at
513-309-8756 or Dennis Russell (Co-Chairperson) at 937-515-6309.



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